Professional Design Associates, Inc.



Educational Facilities:

Clark County School District


Designed complete power and HVAC upgrade for 330,000 square foot Valley High School, Las Vegas, NV. The 4160 Volt distribution system was completely upgraded to a 480V distribution system with new transformers, feeders, and panels. The HVAC upgrade replaced all the existing system with (2) 500-ton TurboCor chillers, fan-wall multi-zone air handlers, high efficiency boilers and VFD drives on all motors. High efficiency lighting installed throughout, along with integrated
controlled tubular skylights in classrooms. Complete
/telephone upgrade to current CCSD standards. Complete new dish-up kitchen replaced existing. Fire sprinklers added for 100% coverage including a new site fire loop. PDA was the
design team lead on this $20M construction pro

Designed LAN/ITV upgrades for over 90 elementary, middle and high schools for the Clark County School District. Designed over 120 emergency lighting control projects.

Designed HVAC upgrades and related electrical system modifications for
LAN head-end rooms for 146
elementary, middle and high schools for the
Clark County School District.
Designed plumbing upgrades for nine(9) elementary, middle and high schools.  Designed HVAC and plumbing upgrade for five (5) elementary schools.

Elementary School commissioning services for Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV.  Complete electrical systems commissioning services for new elementary schools in Las Vegas. All electrical systems are commissioned including interior and exterior lighting and controls, power distribution, clock, intercom, security, telephone, data, instructional TV, and closed circuit security TV.